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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Yeah, its so important that you got players with the sticks pointing in the right directions at the right positions. It has come down to that. Like 95' you could use alot of diffrent variations, now you need to be able to move the puck in a triangle really fast, because the PK box overloads so hard and are so good at getting into the lanes.

The players in those positions also need to be able to figure what's happening infront of them, and where the open lane will come from a result of that.

Let's take a look at what options Riberio had in the PP Dallas had when BR had 40 pts on the PP (we scored 44 PP goals total last season!!!). Gaborik has failed in this role for us.
------------------------------Riberio (Left)
-Zubov (Right)------------------------------
---------------------BR (Left)------------
Riberio can:
1. Pass to BR for a shot.
2. Pass through the PK box to Zubov for a shot.
3. Pass to Neal for a shot.
4. Shoot on net with a wrister.
5. Shoot a one timer on net after a pass from BR.
6. Shot on Neal for a deflection.
7. Take the puck to the net.
8. Pass to Eriksson for a give and go.
9. Pass to Eriksson and go to the net to open up ice for a) Eriksson to come up from the net behind him and take a shot or b) for Eriksson to pass the puck back to BR for a one-timer (one of the most used options)
10. The rotating options: a) move into BR's spot and have Eriksson come up from behind the net into his Riberios old position for a onetimer, b) Move into BR's spot and pass to BR, c) move into BR's spot and shoot the puck on net, d) move into BR's spot and look for a deflection from one of any of the other 4 players on the ice.

And BR has basically as many options. The other players on the ice have real simple jobs in the standard set-up, but these two guys are the core and decide what options they shall go with (in Dallas Zubov kind of functioned in BR's role but they rotated alot).

The above indicates why it can look soooooooo easy for some PP's, and so extremely hard for others. A modern PK box is often able to take away all but 1 or 2 of the like 14 options available, but if you have two guys on your PP in the right positions, who always picks the right spot you get chance after chance after chance.

Gabby's problem has always been that he has taken shots on the PP when he hasn't had a lane; hasn't been able to start a attempt to go to the net downlow when he and BR are pressured up high (like if Gabby and BR are pressured hard, like they often were, you get a 3 on 2 sitautions down low and you gotta get the puck down to the player behind the net in a hurry); hasn't executed fast enough when they pressure is down low; and, without a right handed player in "Zubovs" role, neither Richards nor Gabby has had that great option to move the puck over the left side of the ice if the PK box overloads on them; and so forth.

My point is just, we can't work magic with our knees here. Unless Nash steps up and handles "Riberios" role in the above PP, we are short two core player types for a good PP. If Nash steps up, we are still short that right handed shot on the PP (and that is bad enough). It would be awesome if we could find a a right handed good PP D. With that, and if Nash just is ok in Riberio's role, we go close to 20% atleast. If we get a good left handed playmaker/shooter that BR can work magic with, we go into the top 5 tier PP overall.

We do have decent pieces for a solid 2nd PP unit that is a mirror version of the good PP's used in this league. That PP sets up on the left side of the ice and is run by Stepan and Del Zott, with Gabby on the right side in the shooter role:
On your note about our potential 2nd unit, if it were to be a mirror of the standard 1st PP unit, wouldn't Del Zotto need to be a righty? I'm assuming that you have Stepan in the Shooter/Playmaker role on the left side as he's a right handed shot.

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