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01-28-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Sean Garrity View Post
Any suggestions between RBZ 60 v Mako M5? Or any other suggestions around the $100-$135 range? I recently broke the shaft of my Reebok 6K.

I'm 5'7 165, and use an intermediate stick cut down about 3 inches. Mainly a puck distributor and take wristers, rarely if ever take a slap shot unless it is a one timer. The M5 is on sale so naturally I am inclined to believe it is a better stick, but I'm intrigued by the technology of the RBZ 60. I've shot around with both sticks, but its hard to gauge when you're not playing full speed. Any help is appreciated
The RBZ 60 doesn't have the same tech as the flagship product. It has foam in the blade core. I wouldn't call the 'custom' kickpoint a worthy feature at all; more like it doesn't have an engineered one. The M5 is based on the ST, so essentially a higher end stick designed and built to tougher specs. Extremely durable but a little heavy. Between the two, I would go M5.

I'm sure there are many other sticks out there in your price range that are discontinued top end models. If you want, you can find some in your preferred flex/curve and post it here.

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