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01-28-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by OgieO View Post
You raise a very good point about meshing with the team. I don't know enough about Subban (sometimes I wonder if its a media agenda). We do have a humble, hardworking team and he could upset that.

But he's also a tremendous talent and the thought of he and/or Karlsson on the ice for 50 minutes of a game is pretty salivating. That would be a tough team to play against.

Doubt it even gets considered from either team though (but fun to discuss nonetheless)
Yes and a big part of me WANT Subban on the team but I think the asking price from Montreal (particulary since same division), the money we will have to pay him and the "space" he would take on this team are big factors to consider

To be noted, I don't think that Ceci + Da Costa + Pageau + Gonchar is near the Montreal's asking price.

It would probably be something ridiculous. That being said, I think that package has a lot of value to us and very good value to them, but still not exactly what they'd want for Subban.

Subban + 5th round pick


Gonchar + Ceci + Pageau + Da Costa + 1st

Is what they'd probably want if I am guessing.

Of course they could target many of our other prospects like Noesen, Stone and Zibanejad... but trading Zibanejad to them would be a mistake IMO

They are playing well actually and it doesn't seem like they miss Subban that much with Markov back to top-form

Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
Having Karlsson and Subban on the ice can really bite Montreal's ass.

Once again HF over values prospects over NHL players.
Same could be said for every move that includes actual players vs prospects... but most of the time it finally bites the team getting the actual player in the ass.

Is Kessel's move a good example?

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