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12-15-2003, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by hillbilly
Better Bush then anyone thats running from the dems. then again if you like socialism and cowardly leaders I guess the dems are the people to vote for
I don't see how Dean being medically prohibited from going to Vietnam is cowardly. In fact, if you oppose a political war such as vietnam was, then what is cowardly about not wanting to go anyways? Nothing is brave about having your daddy get you in the national guard in front of 1,000's on the waiting list knowing you'll never come within 10,000 miles of vietnam.

I could really type pages about all this, but this is a hockey forum and out of respect I'll not. I probably won't change anyone's mind. We should just take a deep breath and realize we're lucky to be in this country regardless.

So...Erat's looking good as of late, eh?

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