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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Stop looking at production and look at the way they play. I'm not a huge Cole fan to be honest, but he is big and fast and creates a lot of offensive by himself and his ability to drive to the net with insane bursts of speed. Patch has a nasty shot and a quick release. Yes, both had soft minutes as well, but those skillsets will translate to any situation.

DD was able to succeed last year because, mainly, he has a terrific hockey IQ. Similar to Giroux in that sense. Both players lack the physical tools (skating, shot, size), but they are lightyears ahead of most NHLers when it comes to hockey sense, and thus, they are able to stay out of situations where their faults really hurt them.

The problem is that in the NHL, there are a lot of really good players, so regardless of how smart DD is, if he's playing against good enough players, it won't matter, because he gets manhandled and outskated versus most other players. I'm not bashing him, this is just a reality and DD himself knows it, which is why his game is to avoid situations where he needs to carry the puck or beat someone one on one.

Compare that to a Cole or a Pacioretty, their games are largely based on their size, speed and shot. Pacioretty doesn't do much besides shoot the puck. He can do that no matter who he's playing against, especially because he's so physically superior compared to most other players.
You're missing the point. When have you ever heard Max and "easy minutes" in same sentence. Never? Pretty much. Regardless of what people percieve he can do vs elite or 4th line talent, it's taboo to mention it despite him, cole and DD all getting career highs. The only person worth bringing up with the soft minutes tag is DD. Does it mean Cole nor Max are good or can't produce? Absolutely not. Just the same, they may not be 30 goal scorers in regular minutes either but that hasn't stopped projections of 30+ goals for max or cole.

Besides, you mistake me for someone who is saying DD is without flaw. He's small, he's not an incredible skater, not physical and so on. Yah, I know. I never said to ignore these things. All I really asked for is why someone like Eller or Cole can get away with slow starts but DD can't? Perhaps in the Cole case he's a vet with a proven record but Eller? ***** lol

This long conversation is based on me simply asking why aren't all the players judged fairly. There's nothing else to it. If DD sucks, say it. I really really don't care. I just find it hypocrital for some to turn around and say Eller's got 'it' or max didnt have easy minutes and so on. What are people trying to prove? Who can disprove the other person but using selective stats and specific timing?

I'm just saying, many players haven't produced and that's not an excuse for DD. I never said DD is off the hook, i'm just asking why other people aren't on it too. I think there's a big difference between saying DD can do no wrong because others are the same and saying DD hasn't been good along with some others and they ALL need to pick it up.

In your whole post, you brought up Cole and I agree. Cole has insane drive close to the net. Strong power forward with insane burst of speed in close. Yet, you never spoke about Eller. Why is it that when Eller doesn't produce, it's not his fault but when DD doesn't produce it is?

At end of the day, we desperately still lack a true #1C. Gally looks awesome. I hope it will be him. As for me, I don't care if DD is traded or whatever, it's never been about that. All I can ask for is that people fairly judge the players.

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