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01-28-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by DenverHabsFan View Post
If MB has so many doubts, he should cash in with a trade. There are plenty of overhyped prospects who get traded, like EJ or the Schenn brothers or even Jeff Carter. That's how the Flyers ended up with Sean Couturier. You either believe in PK and lock him up long-term cheap or you move on. The bridge idea will only end up costing the Habs a lot more money.

Anyway, not that it makes a difference at this point since MB will sign him to that lowball contract. I just hope that they don't crush PK's enthusiasm in the process. That would really suck. When you feel like your employer treats you unfairly, you may act like a pro for a while but then you look for another place to work the first chance you get. Just saying.
As I said in my other post, I think it depends a lot on the reasons. We're not inside the rooms so we really don't know what they have discussed.
Now, even if there isn't much comprises made, or so it's rumored, each side must give out reasons as to why they feel entitled to wtv cash they want.
We know why PK is asking for his fair share. What we don't know is why Bergevin is sticking to his guns. People are saying that it's such a huge important negotiation and he can't lose, blablabla, but I think that's pure media BS.
Bergevin can't lose here. The only way he could lose is if he trades him, but he came out twice to say he won't do that.
So, sign PK to bridge deal=Win, PK's on the team.
Sign PK long term=Win, PK's on the team.
Either way, management wins as we sign a very good player.
This Management vs PK attitude is just media at work. Like the East Coast vs West Coast rap days, except they dealt with a bunch of people that were from the hood and in gangs, rapping about violence. Point is, it's media creating a story where there isn't one.

The only thing we know as to why Bergevin is offering a bridge deal is because he wants to create a financial philosophy. That's great, but there must be a reason why for that as well. I don't think it's all about the dollar signs. I think it has to do with relieving pressure off these kids. Committing to a long term deal to higher dollars means more responsibilities and pressure. It falls into place if we look at what PK said when speaking of the pressure and how he doesn't feel he can have more of it than what he had over the past two years.
At least, as I said, that's what I'm hoping for. It would make management look like they are actually looking out for what's best for PK (well, also covering their ***** in case it doesn't work out for him). But it makes sense, unlike all the other BS that really doesn't.

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