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01-28-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
I realize we're both guessing what the mood on Buffalo's bench really was after Lucic hit Miller, but from my POV it looked more like unfocused road-rage than intimidation. They were royally pihssed but there was no protocol on what to do about it. It's not like they could go break a stick over Lucic's head. Plus they'd just lost their starting goalie. But I don't agree that they became fearful because of one player -- it's not like these guys had never been checked or hit before. They just looked like a team with a lot of anger but no mechanism in place to direct it on the ice.
Even if your interpretation of their mood/inability to cope is correct, it's still the result of getting run over by an intimidating team.

And I disagree that anybody could do it. Yeah, anybody can run a goalie, but only Milan Lucic can run a goalie, have nobody respond, score the winning goal and eventually beat the piss out of your toughest player, leaving you completely frustrated and without closure.

As to your second point about getting bigger to gain the zone, that's become a league-wide debate. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it living in the market I'm in, but all I hear is SIZE SIZE SIZE, as if, all by itself, it's this magical element that'll make you win. In Montreal it's become a fetish that drives me nuts. Yeah, you need to have critical mass for your forwards to penetrate the zone and crash the net, and it definitely takes a toll on the other guy's D if your guys are banging them around. Size is important. But once you already have size -- as the Bruins do -- I don't think adding MORE size is the element that'll take you over the top. I don't think more size is what the Bruins are missing. Size is probably the easiest commodity to get, which is why so many teams have instantly become bigger. Skill is harder to find, and ultimately more of a difference-maker.
Yeah, I don't think anybody here is saying that size is more important than skill. I think you need a balance of size, skill and speed. You mentioned that the B's already have size, well, I think it's fair to say they have skill and speed as well.

In the context of this discussion and what our 3rd line needs, I'll take the 15 goal scorer with size over the 15 goal scorer without it- because (that line is already pretty fast and skilled for a "3rd line" and) I think a player who's strong on the walls and hard to knock off the puck brings an added element that makes you harder to play against.

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