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01-28-2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by dats81 View Post
They still don't know how to play certain teams/systems.

But what bothers me is that they are lacking urgency.
And out new captain just does what everybody else does: instead of getting pissed off and forcing it, he floats and looks frustrated out there.
Yeah they really haven't shown much so far against the teams that befuddled them last year except the Rangers who were off that night even though the Flyers still got the job done and showed some adjustment. We'll see how they do tues. However, the games against NJ and Tampa have been really really bad....

Jury still out on Lavi and his adaptability. I do know last year it was really noticeable how he had no clue how to adjust to defensive teams. I mean I just read an article on Carle from Seravalli and Carle quotes how the room did a double take on Lavi's command to basically not play against Tampa's system last year and sit back and wait. While it was funny at the time... when you really think about it I would say it was not very professional of Lavi. I mean Tampa despite that punk a$$ D system sucked that year and other teams figured out how to beat it but Lavi had no answers except to say "I'm taking my puck and going home." I think that kind of showed some troubling aspects of Lavi's coaching although against Pitt he looked like a genius but only b/c Pitt totally fell into the trap of playing us at our own game. Instead NJ imposed their game on the Flyers and Lavi and the Flyers looked horrendous..

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