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01-28-2013, 10:17 AM
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...and now they are both, Vermin and Hofmann, on the roster...very well deserved.

Vermin, it's a pleasure how smart he plays, calm , soft hands, and makes nice plays all the time. Drafted or not, except from heavy injuries I can't see anything that should hinder him from having an NHL-Career.

Hofmann is the legit successor of Brunner when it comes to produce havoc in the opponents D, what a spectacular skater with fast hands, a nice wristshot and big heart. He still has to grow stronger and heavier, but when he continues to mature and to further develop his hockey I.Q.... I mean the sky is the limit... IMO he got the highest ceiling of all young swiss Attackers... (yeah, higher than Bärtschi or Nino), but probably won't come as close to his as some others come to theirs.

I heard some rumors, Sprunger gonna retire from National Team ( at least temporary). Does somebody else know more?
I think it's a very smart decision to skip international play this year. Trying to get through this season healthy. Giving his oftenly concussed head a chance to cure further. Making a solid buildup for the season, may even getting a bit stronger, and working on his on-ice self-protection skills ...and if everything works out fine, giving it another try at the Olympics in Sochii. He's too big of a factor in national hockey, that he should risk his health for a just-solid international-career.

Cunti, finally starting to score. Have you seen his goal against Servette? to get the puck top-shelf with so little space and time to work with. Impressive.
One thing I've noticed while his first exposure on international level: Don't bring yourself into vulnerable positions, it's international play, just ask Sprunger! Against the Slovacs IIRC he made some dangerous plays. When you're standing half a meter away from the boards, head turned to the boards, be sure you got a very good stand, and be ready at least for a little impact from behind, when trying to play the puck, or you get destroyed against NA-Teams.

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