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01-28-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
So you think Petrov can average a point a game in the NHL on the 3rd line like Ullstrom almost is (4 points in 5 games), yet he can only average half a point a game in the KHL ? Yes I agree that Petrov MAY have a higher offensive potential then Ullstrom, but, Ullstrom is already proving it in the NHL.
Wouldn't see why not.

His and Ullstrom's style of play is quite similar come to think of it. I mean, with the way they march and do things along the boards and even how they carry the puck, they've got some things in common. Petrov, at least in doing so in the KHL, looks more refined, thicker and harder to separate from the puck (and I write that fully aware of how surprisingly well David has maintained puck possession thus far).

I wouldn't put much weight on the exact point production comparisons with the KHL. I mean he was playing against a lot of NHL-caliber competition and with guys who all had a normal training camp heading into the season. Ullstrom has been playing AHL hockey and is now going up against a number of players who, put simply, weren't active during the lockout. Our guys who weren't active haven't exactly looked awesome either, so...

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that if just about anyone here at the boards were to watch a dozen or so of Kazan's games, they'd likely come to a conclusion similar to mine. I mean Petrov just looks really confident and well, a bit like a bull out there this season. Doesn't look like a kid anymore, but rather a man playing a man's game. And heck, despite the meanial 11-8-19 in 41 games, his (3rd) line does get PP time, PK time and has been out on the ice at times when something is on the line (late, up by a goal or even down by a goal).

But it's all a bit moot - just gotta hope he comes over at some point and ends up being a big boost.

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