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01-28-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by bruins04 View Post
i agree with you OP, but I also am sometimes guilty of it myself. However, it almost always is the content i respond to.

when i was a new member, i would easily be goaded into stupid arguments by trolls. these boards are not exactly rolling out the red carpet for new members. I may be the only one who truly feels this way, but I really don't think we are all that welcoming to newbies. Outside of our own board, I often feel like discussions turn into one of the following:

1.) i'm a bigger fan, been a longer fan, know more about the team fan, etc than you
2.) you don't know anything

I once created a thread about what pose a Thomas statue would be... and i mentioned nothing about it being outside the garden, etc... it could have been anywhere, Vermont let's say. most responses were about why he shouldn't have a statue outside the garden, why this is a dumb post, what needs to happen before this post is relevant...

overall, I wouldn't say any of it was disrespectful though. and if it was, there are tools to handle it and improve the experience. somehow i do end up wondering whether anyone reads what i posted, so yeah... relatively low post count i guess haha for a noob from the '07 batch
To answer your question, I guess the pose that comes to mind for me is down on his knees, stick not even close to on the ice, glove over the ass, looking back behind him.

...or raising the cup

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