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Originally Posted by The Optimist View Post
Does reporting a ref to a league actually accomplish anything?

At the risk of sounding like a whiner, there is one ref in particular who calls everything against us and never calls anything against the other team. We've had him three games in a row and we spend so much time on the PK. One of the guys on my team stupidly told him to 'suck his dick' a few games ago which is probably why he hates us (he rightfully got ejected). I don't condone what the guy did, but should the whole team pay for the rest of the season as the result of one idiot's actions?

I don't expect quality reffing in rec hockey, but at least be professional. It's for fun and no one is having fun when you're on the PK all game. Not to mention the severe lack of ice time.

Today we got 8 minors from him. Some justified, some not. But even so, 8 is just a ridiculous amount for a rec game. Any other ref is 2-3 max.
Obviously it depends on the league, and if enough teams complain, then eventually a league will get it.

I would suggest that if you really had a problem, asking the league to come watch you guys in a game where this guy doesn't ref, then review the game sheets when he does your games, they will get an impression of if your team warrants the calls.

Some teams do just get a lot of penalties.

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