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01-28-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
It's true? You know 100% that if Poile tries to make improvements to the offense that the Preds will turn into Columbus?

If Poile is really one of the elite GM's that we always say he is, then surely he can also identify and acquire offensive talent that won't lead to a total collapse of the franchise.
Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Why can't it end up like Dallas or San Jose? Neither has had crippling rebuild years and both seem to find offensive players. Ducks, Sens and Kings, are other examples. It's funny the Blues and the Kings had GMs that commented on building like Nashville, both seem to have done it better.
you guys slay me... of course it isnt 100% sure that the moves would backfire, but it is almost 100% sure that several consecutive years of columbus-like hockey would likely kill this franchise

and the Blues have been a good team for what, two years after sucking ass for about 4? I know they had at least one top 5 pick which we havent had, well since legwand.... and the Kings were what, one point away from missing the playoffs all together and Lombardi getting fired instead of hoisting a Cup

Dallas hasnt done squat in years, and San Jose has done much the same as Poile, retool as you go without blowing things up.

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