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01-28-2013, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
6 points out of 6 and more solids team play...good going!
But even better than that, Alberga may have found his ass will be planted up in the press box for the remainder of the season, Not sure why they just don't cut him and have a 16 year old take his (I know.... I know he Alberga has experience). What a butt head move by Alberga to ruin Moylans shut-out bid on Saturday. who has been the most improved player since Christmas....Sterk or Pederson? IMHO....both have been dynamite!
To be honest I was really down on Pederson last year and for the first 1st half of this season. While sterk is showing me some real heads-up playmaking skills....he'll be a top point getting centremen in the league! Very impressed!
While I think it was the right decision to keep Alberga out of the 3 OA that started the season (Czinder, Hanes, Alberga) because of his PK ability at the beginning of the season was ok, and it seemed he had more jump than the other 2. That was one of the bonehead plays of the season with your "rookie" goaltender bidding for a shutout. I agree that he will be seeing more pine than not, but Spott will still play him. I would rather use him only for an injury fill in for the rest of the year.

I would say Pedersen has improved his play more than Sterk overall from last year. Aside from their development, when Sterk was out, IMO he wasnt missed from the lineup that much. If you lose Pedersen you lose that work down the boards and PWF element.

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