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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I think you're confusing "biased" with "different than my own."

If he was fine in Tampa, he'd still be there. They've been light on defense for several seasons now. If he was 'serviceable' in Ottawa, they would have kept him for depth for the price he signed for here.

15 points in 35 games in the AHL isn't all that impressive for a 28 year old "offensive" d-man. Not to mention the guy was an absolute abomination on the defensive side of things. On a team that is potentially poised for a cup run, you don't ice a defensive liability like Gilroy because he might rush the puck up the ice 3 or 4 times a night. You certainly don't pair him up with Staal so he can spend half of his shift trying to cover up Gilroy's mistakes.

Gilroy's offensive ability doesn't even come close to justifying his defensive shortcomings. If the guy was capable of 40+ points and was a PP specialist, sure, I'd consider giving him a look. However, nothing he's shown in nearly 200 NHL games leads me to believe he's capable of that.

The Rangers have been trying to do exactly what they are doing for years when it comes to spare defensemen. They scrape the bottom of the barrel because their roster is too top heavy. They already filled the void that Gilroy could have filled when they retained Stralman. What they need is another guy who they can trust for more than 6 minutes a night. Gilroy is not that player.
I guess we will have to disagree. I don't find him as much of an abomination as you do. Moments of abomination? Yes. But not all of the time.

In any case, like i said, if he isn't going to play, then he should be sent back to Hartford. As RangerBoy pointed out there would be no cap charge for it.

Yes, Sauer would be ideal. But we have to face facts, he isn't ever going to play again.

I agree they need another defenseman.

But we vary in opinion on what sort they need. I'd prefer a guy who can help provide some pressure, help the transition game, help get the puck through the neutral zone quickly. Where to get that guy, is the question.

And i feel in June they should draft one.

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