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01-28-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by InformTheMasses View Post
You forgot Spurgeon, who's turning out to be a damn good NHL defenseman, albeit for another organization. It's funny because I remember the experts applauding the draft but referencing Ness, Trivino, Toews the most, with of course Petrov and Bailey also getting tons of ink.

These things take time to play out. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I think letting teenagers (18,19) play in the NHL is a mistake for 99.99999% of the palyer population. Yoy say top 5 or 10 in each draft? I think most would agree with you, but I just don't see it proving out that way. Depending on the draft year there may be anywhere from 1-3 guys (maybe more in a SPECIAL year) that can make the jump and have success in year 1 or 2 post draft. And if they can't have success right off the bat why rush them?

Nino, by the end of this year will have made his claim, that he performed well in AHL and is potentially ready for a big roll in NHL (took 3 years)

Tavares, Special Generational talent #1 overall (VERY atypical, the exception not the rule) Ready off the bat.

Strome and Nelson are getting close but it will end up being either 3 or 4 years since time of draft for them to have made the progression.

And while Okposo may have been rushed a little bit (perhaps an extra year at college or Bridgeport would have given him more experience/confidence) which could have meant less learning and watching him try and develop in NHL games, which would have been good for him. Though it was an expedited process bordeline rush job, he handled it well.

For Bailey, we will never know. That's the frustrating part of it all. He was just tossed out there off the bat, and never thown a life vest. Until it came down to the last day he was eligible to get sent down (Game 159) without clearing waivers in attempt to send hima message... Guess what if you have to send a message to a 21 year old in Game 159... you waited too long. I'll never understand how/why they handled Bailey this way.
I wasn't necessarily saying top draft picks should play in the NHL right away, but they generally seem to make it by the age of 20 if they are legit. Ullstrom was a later pick so he was brought along at a slower pace. Obviously it has paid off. But a kid like Hickey who was taken 4th overall was brought along at a similar pace, yet he was just placed on waivers.

Like I said before though, I'm still a Bailey fan. The kid has so much talent, and for all the heat he's taken over the years he has successfully developed a sound 2-way game during that time. If the offense comes around, which it has shown signs that it very well could, he can still be a special player. Obviously he had no business being in the NHL as an 18 year old kid, but he still has a chance to become the player he was drafted to be.

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