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01-28-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by OkimLom View Post
I've reached my limit. The Sabres look disinterested in playing his style. There is no jump no energy. Every player that had any edge to their game has been nutured.

I was a big Ruff supporter. I still stand by what I said previously about him and his system and how it does work, but this team is not built for it and you can blame darcy, but it just seems Ruff is TOO in love with his guys. Watching Hecht play as much as he does, was something I was worried about, Ruff plays his favorites regardless of the chemistry someone might have.

This team needs a new coach. Now who could/would be the next head coach, I don't know but I dont like how this team is playing. Too many SAME mistakes. at some point the coach has to teach his guys to cover those mistakes up and they jsut keep making them over and over, and its just not the same player, its a variety of them, which begs the question, what is systematically wrong with the team?
I kind of agree with you. I was a big Lindy supporter but I think that at this point his message no longer has the impact it once did. The team has checked out on him and I blame his stale style for that.

I think we have some really great pieces here and I would be interested to see if some of the ones who seem to be underachieving manage to quickly turn that around with a new leader. I think a fresh face would do wonders for a lot of these guys.

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