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01-28-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
I went with the Toews P14 instead. Got a steal from Hockey Monkey, 110 for the T1
Check in with the E28/P14 pattern thread, curious to see how it works for others.

Originally Posted by Ruhnie View Post
Some sticks I am considering:

Easton Int EQ50 - $99
Easton Int RS - $169
Warrior Widow (Int or Sr) - $120
Bauer Nexus 1000 - $249
CCM RBZ - $249
I know the get used to something and then you try and figure out what made it good and chase your tail.

If you really liked the feel of the SE16, Synergy, and Dolomite, go with the EQ50. So long as you have the plugs in the end, it's not bad at all. Anything below it is terrible. Or the top Mako as those are on clearance.

Otherwise, I would go Widow. If you absolutely didn't like the TO, the Widow will be the opposite kick point (very low) while being very light.

And both are pretty cheap too.

Originally Posted by Sean Garrity View Post
Any suggestions between RBZ 60 v Mako M5? Or any other suggestions around the $100-$135 range? I recently broke the shaft of my Reebok 6K.

I'm 5'7 165, and use an intermediate stick cut down about 3 inches. Mainly a puck distributor and take wristers, rarely if ever take a slap shot unless it is a one timer. The M5 is on sale so naturally I am inclined to believe it is a better stick, but I'm intrigued by the technology of the RBZ 60. I've shot around with both sticks, but its hard to gauge when you're not playing full speed. Any help is appreciated
That RBZ doesn't look bad for the price point but I haven't played with it. The M5 is an ST, not much to talk about. Pretty neutral stick, a little on the stiff side, extremely durable.

Don't sleep on the Miken Z9 either, it's on clearance. It will be a better performing stick than those two and I really like the balance, it feels great to me.

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