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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Good stuff Unaffiliated.

Next question - will it ever be possible to develop a method to transverse vast interstellar distances within a reasonable timeframe? Say, a journey of more than 100 light years to reach the destination before it no longer exists as you knew it when you started the journey?
There are some vague ideas on how it might be possible. NASA just allocated some special funding to this research actually.

If you watched Futurama, there was an episode where they (possibly intentionally?) acknowledged this idea. Basically, the ship doesn't move through spacetime, instead spacetime moves around the ship. The net effect being something that resembles faster-than-light movement as we know it, but in such a way that, local to the ship, the laws of relativity are never broken.

An analogy might be if, instead of swimming through water, you could create and ride a wave that would carry you the same distance much faster than you could swim it. You've been repositioned (you've "moved"), but you didn't really swim that distance, so you really weren't swimming any faster than you are physically capable.

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