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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Really? I think a slow build up into a heavy section is perfect for a pump up entrance. Personally I want an entrance song that pumps up the players, the building & makes you feel like you're going to war with the team you're about to face. The beginning certainly has that war like atmosphere & having something heavy is great to help with that build up & unveiling of the players onto the ice.

I also think a party-ish song is not the right choice for an entrance. A party-ish song should be the goal song... you know the celebration (what a party is). While an entrance should build emotion to pump people up.
Well I kinda agree but don't agree that One is that. It's just too dark, even without the lyrics. Also it's used a lot in events everywhere (in NHL games during breaks or even fights) so that's another reason why it won't be picked.

Not sure if party-ish was the right word, but what I meant by that is something easier to listen to and easier to get pumped than something like One that is heavy and dark. Basically, an entrance song needs to bit more atmosphere-music than music-music.

Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Never been a fan of Airbourne, rather just listen to the original in AC/DC
Something new never hurts It's similar but still a bit different, especially that song I linked. ACDC is usually slower tempo.

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