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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
Looked it up myself.

PP time minus PK time

05-06 -8:54 (14th in the league)
06-07 +27:15 (12th)
07-08 -83:02 (28th)
08-09 -24:24 (22nd)
09-10 -46:16 (27th)
10-11 -74:00 (29th)
11-12 -71:39 (27th)
12-13 -17:26 (29th)

So, despite having one of the most dynamic offences in the league for much of that time, at best we were middling, and only ONE year did we have a positive.

Even more shocking to me is that in that same time, Toronto, a lottery team that spends almost the entire game in their own end finished:

05-06 12th
06-07 17th
07-08 15th
08-09 5th
09-10 2nd
10-11 2nd
11-12 6th
12-13 5th

They were a positive in all but 2 years. Really amazing with that truculent team of theirs.
Carolina is top 5 every year since the lockout. Sometimes in the +100:00 minute zone.

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