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Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
I have no doubt can find great hockey in both Sweden and Russia, I've just never really followed those leagues. Beside NHL, and our own AL Bank Liga, the only other I follow a bit is DEL. Like many other "Jyder" Germany has always felt closer to me than Sweden, I guess it's the other way round for many people from Zealand. And KHL is just blaaa to me...maybe because I don't even know where half of the cities are located.

And finally I'm also drawn to many things surrounding the actual game of hockey: I would pick the intensity in the NA sized rinks anyday over the more technical european ones, I love the huge full arenas, and I have a soft spot for the beautiful clean jerseys in north american hockey - everytime I see a european jersey full of advertising I want to scratch my eyes out
Yep its probably since i grew up in Copenhagen raised on Swedish wintersport television (the Ingemar Stenmark days), while you in Jutland have more german exposure, which was non-existant in Copenhagen back then. My point was exactly that what you grow up with loving as a kid often stays as an adult.
But you are right...modern european jerseys are horrible but without them no hockey.
Taste is very different..and Im very conditioned by the hockey I grew up with.

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