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01-28-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
Despite changes in coaches, players, and even systems, this team continues to get NO love from the refs. Im not one to blame them, but the numbers really kind of speak for themselves.

From my post in another thread:

Looked it up myself.

PP time minus PK time

05-06 -8:54 (14th in the league)
06-07 +27:15 (12th)
07-08 -83:02 (28th)
08-09 -24:24 (22nd)
09-10 -46:16 (27th)
10-11 -74:00 (29th)
11-12 -71:39 (27th)
12-13 -17:26 (29th)

So, despite having one of the most dynamic offences in the league for much of that time, at best we were middling, and only ONE year did we have a positive.

Even more shocking to me is that in that same time, Toronto, a lottery team that spends almost the entire game in their own end finished:

05-06 12th
06-07 17th
07-08 15th
08-09 5th
09-10 2nd
10-11 2nd
11-12 6th
12-13 5th

They were a positive in all but 2 years. Really amazing with that truculent team of theirs.

I have often thought of this myself, i wonder if it is bias, style of play or simply coincidence....regardless it's nice to be able to reference the stat, thanks!

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