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01-28-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yeah I would recommend trying it in general. I'm not sure there is an engineered kick point or not, it's a hair stiffer than rated, so maybe it's a mid-low kick stick.

Played again this weekend and still like it. The "hotter" blade might have contributed to the rolling pucks and other puck issues I was having, but probably not as much as user error. Usually I have relatively soft hands.

Shots still seem good, a little lower than I'd like, which is probably good as I want all my shots to go bar down and miss half the time

But I had a great, hard slapper with it during the game and another 4-5 shots...not great looks but nothing to do with the stick.

Oh, I added a 3/4" plug (to make it 1/2" longer than just using the plastic cap) which felt perfect for length. I think I cut it a hair short and I have wanted a little more length on my sticks. This didn't hurt the balance at all either.

It is starting to look UGLY though. The white paint is scuffed to hell and there's a big chip out of it. The clear coat on the black part of the blade all peeled off with tape. I might get some white spray paint to clean it up (and paint another stick).


That's not good at all. Those were the number one complaints about the stick, it wears quickly in general.

For 80 bucks I might try it but it's definitley something to keep an eye on. If something more serious happens, let me know haha.

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