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01-28-2013, 12:43 PM
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I think one of the things everyone is forgetting - when it comes to FA choosing Nash as a place to play, etc - is that until very recently, we flat couldn't pay them, we could only get them on-the-cheap. It takes a while to outgrow that; look how unhappy we all get when some wise-ass in canada stills lumps us in with the downtrodden mistakes and says we can't fill our stadium - seems like we should have outgrown that by now, doesn't it? We got Peks and Webs signed - those help set the tone, elite players who stayed. I'm willing to cut Poile a little slack on this off-season since I think he genuinely believed Sutes was staying and that whole thing consumed his time and even if he had a plan B there wasn't time to execute it. (that said, I didn't agree tying up the cash in 3 defenders was a good idea anyway, but that was the plan they all settled on so they needed to execute it.)

This team is a first-round PO team at best and we're not gonna' be a whole lot better than that this year - we need Wilson to continue developing, Josi to make strides, Blum to get his act together, Ellis to keep heading in the right direction, and Smith to blossom. If most of that goes in the right direction this year next year needs to be the season Poile gets that scorer for 3-4 year deal, cause we'll be strong and our old-guys should not have had too much decline. His plan B if he doesn't sign one best be to move Ellis cause seems he's most likely to bring us what we need and be replaced internally. That doesn't happen I just don't see how we get over the hump, unless somewhere we magically get a legit 1st line center and/or a sniper that I just don't see in our system.

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