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01-28-2013, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Will do. Speaking of the Miken Z9 what curve did you end up with?

I read that you were thinking about trying the P14, did you not like the feel of it? Some say it's pretty ugly but easy to shoot with.

I practice alot on my technique and try different ways to shoot the puck, which I heard is a benefit, so I believe it should work for me.
Yep I went P14, check out that thread for my thoughts on the curve. It seems pretty good, but I keep wanting a bit more height on my shots.

Originally Posted by Ruhnie View Post
I think I am leaning toward the Widow for 2 reasons:

- It comes in a 70 flex Int, which is about the exact length stick I use. So not only do I not have to cut it and make it stiffer, I get to experiment with a lower flex for the first time ever.
- I really want to own a low-kick stick, if nothing else to learn how to use one and then be able to make an educated decision on what flex location I prefer.

Worst case it's only $100, plus the Nexus prices aren't going to change anyway lol.
If you're dropping down in flex, the Warrior feels stiffer than average (to me at least) because it's a low kick, so it will not be so drastic. I think you'll like it. Puck feel is great. Durability is hit or miss for some people but it's worth it for $100 I think.

Nexus is just crazy expensive. $ They need a Nexus 800 at the $150 price point that weighs ~ 460-470g (right between the 600 and 1000).

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