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01-28-2013, 12:51 PM
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The bottom line is this: players want to WIN.

Look at Chicago's rebuild and you see they drafted well and spent money (successfuly and unsuccessfully). They tried. They won the Cup.

Look at Phoenix. They spent a fraction, rebuilt and looked like they kinda tried, but not very hard. They drafted and hired better coaching and did the little things because they were broke.

Look at LA. They drafted very well, hired good people and paid for talent. They REALLY tried and lookie there....they won the Cup.

Look at NYI. They drafted, they hired Boston regulars as coaches and picked up scraps. They got one top player and some decent draftees who were good picks but question marks. Each draft has people wondering to varying degrees. They signed a few older guys or never beens and saw some success, some outright failure. Will the picks pan out? We have a trade Okposo thread, have trade Bailey talk, Nino trade demands, DeHaan is invisible in discussion, Parenteau bolts, DP never goes away, Reasoner is locked in, Rolston stained our roster, scrap heap waiver wire building, JUST NO SERIOUS SIGN WE"RE FIGHTING TO IMPROVE.

It looks like we're hoping, but passively. I like that FINALLY we are leaving our kids alone, but what of the kids here? What top leadership have we brought in? I like Streit, but he's no top talent brought in (we got him when he was shifted from D to Wing, and we lucked out IMHO). Is he a good captain? I don't see our team fighting unless we're doing our traditional 10 minute wake up and play routine.

So what separates us from the above rebuilds? (I didn't include Philly because that rebuild was QUICK and TO THE POINT where a top city with a top team went from last to playoffs because they went overboard in getting good talent (not good enough, especially in net!).

We aren't fighting to get to top form. We're patiently spending little and waiting and hoping like a crying girl by the phone on prom night while others are out finding a suitor, so to speak.

And I blame Wang. It's the woe-is-me culture set up, and Snow is playing the role very well, but has not gotten the image of this team to look any better save for our having top young guys here and there waiting for us to not suck.

We needed an impact signing or trade to make us look better. We got nothing. Again. Our team's identity, therefore, played itself out on the ice last night in a pathetic display. No hits, no going for the kill, outmuscled, manhandled and left happy with a point.

"Maybe one day Prince Charming will call," our team cries as it eats bon-bons and stains its prom dress.

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