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Originally Posted by Gabranth View Post
You can't really judge a player by how good hes doing in the FEL. The level of play in FEL has dropped heavily since '90 and just keeps dropping. Barkov seems to be an average skater, but at least hes not a little man like Grandlund, I think he has a decent chance to be a 20-30 point 2nd line center.
You're complitely wrong... FEL is now stronger than ever. Back in the days there was couple of teams who had stacked roster and star players on that team but after that there was an enormous drop. There was many very weak teams to stack points against. You might e right that FEL might not have absolute stars anymore but the depth is much better nowadays. Competition is much harder for playoff spots. Worst team can beat best team pretty easily.

When you compare coaching there is big difference. The level of coaching in Finland have stepped into new level and the game is now more team oriented than indvidual showings. Harder to face an well coached team who plays as an team with tight team defence. Back in the days at the times the game looked absolutely horrible compared to nowadays.

In the 90's and early 2000's we saw dynasties of some teams because the competition was weak. There was maybe about 3-4 teams competing for FEL championship. Nowadays it's much harder job to do it because the level of the play in FEL has increased the depth is much better even tough FEL misses some of those star players which we used to have. I rank overall game of the league, big depth difference, coaching over few of star players in the top teams.

KHL takes part of the players obviously and FEL isn't the only one. SEL is losing some of the players aswell. Mika Hannula the swedish NT player who has olympic gold and WHC gold stated that SEL is slightly better in skill but FEL is much physical nd higher tempo. He was asked which was the better league? Hannula answered SEL is slightly better but there isn't much difference.

Look at Corey Locke who was the MVP of AHL and one of the top players of AHL. He couldn't handle FEL. Same was in the case of Martin st. pierre who is one of the star AHLers.

Did you watch the games when lockout players was playing(Yes, Barkov was playing against NHL players for majority of season. Mikko Koivu is an legit 1st line C in the NHL did he dominate? He had 10pts in 10games. How about Valtteri Filppula, Jussi Jokinen, Kyle Turris, Rich Peverley and many others. They are/have been 50+points players and some are +60 in the NHL. None of them did dominate. Only player who dominated at times was Erik Karlsson. Barkov looked better than most of those players. I saw him outplaying Mikko Koivu(Craig Button talks in his podcast about it) and Jussi Jokinen when they was matched against eachother.

You're very wrong about this and massively downplaying Barkov. Barkov is an special player and has done special things in FEL which is best than ever. The tip isn't as sharp but the depth is on different planet compared to 90's or early. It makes it even better when you think that Barkov actualy played against NHLers and outplayed majority of them.

Look at NHL if we look at the pass players we had Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, Orr, Kurri and many others or look at the 90's Sakic, Forsberg, Yzerman, Fedorov, Selšnne, Kariya, Bure, Bourque, Niedermayer, Jagr, Pronger in his prime and many others i've forgotten. By looking the names we would be thinking that talent we have nowadays is nothing compared to 90's or before. The competition is much harder nowadays, harder to dominate. The depth has increased by much and the level of game. The game is more team oriented in NHL aswell. Put Malkin, Ovehkin, Crosby into 80's or 90's NHL it wouldn't be even funny.

I think that you just watch the top of the name list of FEL before and make conclusion about that. When you watch the level of game there is big difference in favour of FEL today.

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