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Originally Posted by Mattb124 View Post
I tweeked my knee in practice this week, and wanted to get some input from others who may have suffered a similar injury. The injury resulted from getting kneed on the outside of my knee, which caused my knee to buckle inward a bit. It hurt like heck for a minute (7 on a 10 scale?) and I briefly couldn't put weight on it, but was able to limp around on it after minute or so. The good news is the pain was localized toward the outside of the knee and not on the inside which would imply MCL damage. I limped around for a couple of days and the pain is gone, but I still have some discomfort and my knee feels "loose". I have a game tomorrow night and am trying to determine if I might make it worse if I play.
First, like everyone else had said: see a doctor.

I had a similar injury over this past summer. It wasn't from hockey but it sounds like you're talking about the same thing that happened to me. I was fighting with one of my friends (not an actual fight, you know, just goofing around) and he swept my leg. My foot somehow stayed planted but my knee bent inward towards the other side of my body; like I said, my foot stayed planted so it wasn't the sweep that brought me down, it was the pain. My knee hurt so much I thought I was going to vomit or black out...then a minute or so later I was able to get up and hobble around. For a couple days after that it kept bothering me, I couldn't (or at least didn't trust) put all my weight on it and it had that 'loose' feeling as you said. If I recall correctly, the pain was also on the outside. The doctor said worst case scenario it was a torn meniscus but even that was unlikely. I had to wrap it up to keep my knee stable and was on crutches for a few days after that, if it stayed like that for a week or so or got worse I was supposed to go back to the doctor but it didn't. I'd say within two weeks after that I was pretty close to 100%.
In short, I'd say stay away from the game (especially if it's still swollen/tender) unless your doctor says otherwise, but don't worry too much about not being able to play for a while, if it really is like mine you should heal up pretty quickly if you just rest as bit.

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