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01-28-2013, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
Man, I don't post for the weekend and I miss like 5 pages of stuff. Figures that it picks up when I'm not paying attention lol. I'm not going to quote people but I'm still going comment on a few of the conversations that have been happening. Bear with me.

One, defense is clearly an issue right now. When we have Mike f***ing Kostka playing more minutes a game then Shea Weber, your defense isn't exactly stellar. Phaneuf is a top line guy but he's being leaned on way to much. You can't play him 30 minutes a night with a 27 year old rookie and expect him to perfect in every game. Gunnarson is great and solid but he needs to be used correctly. He's not a top line guy either. He's solid with Phaneuf but he's going to be better used on the 2nd pairing or even third pairing. Gardiner is still only in his second season and developing. High upside and impressive play last year but he's going to need time still. Rielly is high potential, but he's not even in the NHL. So yeah, a dman can't hurt.

Why does this matter for a draft thread? Well Jones has clearly seperated himself from the pack. It seems almost...unbelievable with how long MacKinnon has been number 1. But its just because Jones has been damn impressive (minus his first few WJC games). So it shouldn't be an issue at all if we had the option to take him. We should.

However this is because he is the BPA. Not because we need a dman. BPA still reigns supreme. I will not take a dman because we need one. I will take the BPA player every time. Jones is the BPA for this draft but then it becomes a slew of forwards. The next dman taken will very likely be late top 10 or even outside the top 10.

As it stands now, MacKinnon, Drouin, Barkov, Monahan, Lindholm should all go before a dman does. And very likely Nichuskin (he should go but if the Russian factor drops him, it will be a travesty). Even Shinkaruk could go before a dman does. After that it's going to be a fight between Ristolainen, Zadorov (who is either top 10 in some lists or between 15-20ish), Pulock (I'm still not a huge fan) and Nurse.

My main point, BPA should be what we use. Not need (never, ever draft by team need. Or very rarely. As in if player A and player B are judged to be identical or highly similar value), not attitude (this can come into play if a team believes a players attitude will affect said player enough to push him above or below another player. But not nearly the issue some people make it out to be). BPA.
I haven't seen either play a whole lot, but would you be a little bit concerned about taking a Defenseman as 1st overall given how Erik Johnson and Victor Hedman have turned out? It seems like of the top 3 picks, the forwards turn out a lot better than the defense do. Aside from Doughty that is...

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