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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
The US any nearby (Within hundreds of kilometres) population center as part of their metropolitan area. For example, Canada measures Toronto's metropolitan population as a little over 5.5 million. If Ontario was a US state, they would count the Golden Horsehoe as the metro area, so places like Barrie and Kitchener-Waterloo would be part of it.
If 15% of Barrie's or Kitchener's or Waterloo's population commutes to Toronto for work, then yes they would be considered part of the metropolitan area if they were in the U.S. Since both are over an hour away from Toronto I find it unlikely that 15% of the population does commute there.

If BC was a US state, Victoria would be considered part of the Vancouver metropolitan area. I'm not that familiar with BC cities, but the entire lower mainland would be included, and likely portions of Washington state.
Considering it's 45 minutes to the closest U.S. city from Vancouver, I once again highly doubt that any county in Washington would be considered part of the Vancouver metro area.

If you take out revenue sharing, Tampa Bay losses money. Even with their nearly non-existant payroll, they lose out. They have a weaker fanbase than the Lightning, their stadium is a detriment to the league.
Did you ever consider that they have a weaker fanbase because of their stadium and where it's located?

Only 600,000 people live within a 30 minute drive of the Trop, lowest among all major league teams and lower than eight minor league teams.

You are quit misinformed the Rays if you think the Canucks would fold before they would. The Rays have the worst TV numbers, the worst ticket sales, probably the lowest payroll now that the Pirates owner has started to spend money. The only reason they're still alive is revenue sharing, which is massive.
You're the one who's quite misinformed. The Rays actually have very good TV ratings which shows interest but once again Tropicana Field is in a horrible location which is part of the reason they want a new stadium in a different location so it's accessible to more people who can get there in a reasonable amount of time.

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