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Originally Posted by kasper11 View Post
1) The Isles have a much brighter future than they did four years ago due to the young players in the system. The fact is that prior to the rebuild, the team was getting by with players signed for one year at a time. There was never a reason to believe the future would be better.

2) We need to wait more than 5 games for this.

3 & 4) I would have said this is the year the Isles should be at least challenging for a playoff spot, but that was before the lockout. I think the lockout hurts the Isles more than a lot of other teams (condensed schedule featuring toughest division in hockey, lack of depth, less practice time for the young players to learn). So, I would say next season. The Isles should be a playoff team next year. Nino , maybe Strome or Nelson, Donavan, maybe De Haan should be starting to contribute.

Basically, if the goal is to rebuild through the draft, you have to give at least three draft classes to accomplish that. I don't think you can expect the 2009 and 2010 classes to be contributing yet. It is too early. By next year, I think that starts to change. You should at least see some more players contributing which should allow the Isles to compete. Then within a year or two after that, I would expect to have a core in place which could contend.
1. Having a "brighter future" isn't accomplishing anything. This franchise hasn't achieved anything concrete since the rebuild.

2. The rebuild has been longer for 5 games.

3/4. I know not you-but so many people say "next year"...every single year. Every team had a lockout to deal with-it's just another excuse (on a long list) that we use.

Honestly this rost isn't deep at all-and is very lackluster. Hell we have what 4 or 5 waiver wires on the team opening night? That's inexcusable. Period. This team was never going to compete this year....and barring any miracles wont be competing next year.

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