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Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
With football it's the complete opposite with me, I'm a Primera Division Kind o guy all the way. But that's thanks to Laudrup.

I actually quite enjoyed the Ottawa game last night, despite Regin not getting that much ice time. But I would take that anyday over no Danes at all. I mostly follow Islanders, but I'm not sure I'll keep waching them when Frans is gone. The few times he's been sidelined with injuries, I surely haven't watched as many games as normally.
Understandably so I like a bit of both.. My father being a huge Man. U fan has had it's influence on me.. But as a child I would always watch Barca & Madrid games because of said Laudrup

Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Would that be "Coquitlam" British Columbia?? It sound more Aztec??
But understandable why you are "nucked" then.
Yeah it does actually sound pretty Aztec come to think of it, with the "quit" in middle of it

I was born in Herlev, grew up in Vancouver, Coquitlam to be specific, moved back to Denmark for studies a couple years ago

My parents actually moved to Toronto where they live now

Ill be going back to Vancouver when my studies end.

But yeah, that's prolly why im Nucked, my dad introduced me to hockey when we moved here and bought season tickets for the whole family every year ...

Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Well I don't think anybody differs on Regins situation. It put up or shut up this year. He has a year to show something that could suggest that he should be in the NHL. Otherwise it's on plane back home to Europe. And I would be fine with that. Bitter because his PO-series against Pittsburgh a couple of years back showed that he has the talent to be in the NHL. But I'm not sold on him being psychical enough for North American hockey.

The question is what to think of Lars Eller. I don't think he's living on his potential any more. He's had consistency issues but I think must people is angry with him not living up to the top 6-potential he's had. I see him as being just as capable on a third line as Jannik Hansen and Frans Nielsen. No reason for him to go back just to get to play in the top 6 in the KHL or SEL when he gets to face the best of the best(Remember line matching often puts the third line of one team against the others star-line) on a NHL third line.

Haven't seen any SEL(Besides clips of Elias Lindholm and other prospects) and KHL so can't comment on the compete level.
Actually, I think you are bang on with that statement.. I think because of Eller's high draft status he was/is expected to be top 6 material, my self included..

Maybe we should tune down those expectations, he would indeed be a great 3C on a defensive team..

Now the problem is that he does not fit on an offensive minded Habs team, and he is not exactly high end trade material, hence me saying id rather him play in the A or in Europe..

Maybe if he tore up the A, he would be good trade bait?

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