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01-28-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Ah another person to exit late from the hyperbolic chamber.

1. Shero can't guarantee that. Nobody can . . . except for people like you and most others here who assume it's a fait accompli.

2. Keep that **** in another thread. My initial comment about Geno flipping last night was more about how it applied to coaching-- the need to get him under control-- than anything. For the most part, this has stayed a thread about all things coaching, with a few notable exceptions now.

See, here's what's funny about your post. I say 'I don't see it being 100% that he stays and here would be the reasons why', and a group of parrots (not you) starts balking ZOMG, KIRK SAYZ GENO LEAVING BECAUSE OF BYLSMA. Please tell me that I don't have to tell you too the difference between what I wrote and that.
I din't think anyone took it literally, it was all in good spirit to perpetuate this hyperbole of yours and you got all excited. Too bad, anyhow, I personally don't need x and o's to figure out that what Bylsma putting out is not working and that he stubbornly refuses to adjust (like if on the first three pp they cannot set a single play, they cannot even bring the puck in, than maybe you change the players or do something differently)

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