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Originally Posted by Mattb124 View Post
I tweeked my knee in practice this week, and wanted to get some input from others who may have suffered a similar injury. The injury resulted from getting kneed on the outside of my knee, which caused my knee to buckle inward a bit. It hurt like heck for a minute (7 on a 10 scale?) and I briefly couldn't put weight on it, but was able to limp around on it after minute or so. The good news is the pain was localized toward the outside of the knee and not on the inside which would imply MCL damage. I limped around for a couple of days and the pain is gone, but I still have some discomfort and my knee feels "loose". I have a game tomorrow night and am trying to determine if I might make it worse if I play.
As soon as I read your knee feels "loose", that is a huge red flag to me. Ten years ago I had something similar happen, and that is the exact sensation I felt in the locker room after that same burst of pain, just like you described. There is no substitute for a doctor in this case - at the time I asked around too, and everyone just said "you're probably fine" because I could walk.

I was not fine, however. I found out afterwards that I had actually partially torn my ACL, but kept playing on it because I was "probably fine". Due to my abusing the unknown injury, it progressed for a few weeks until during one game, in a completely innocent moment where I was nowhere near the puck or anyone else, I simply turned and the last thread of the ligament snapped. That pain was excruciating enough that I passed out on the ice (and as I said, surrounded by absolutely no one - it must have been a strange sight).

From then on I no longer had a partial tear, but a full tear of my ACL. A partial tear CAN HEAL if caught in time and treated, but a fully torn ligament will never heal.

This meant that I now required hard-to-get surgery, and quite a few months of expensive rehab. Fully maintaining my muscle strength during the process was extremely difficult and in the end I did not.

I was lucky enough to get immediate surgery but it was still the end of my amateur hockey career. If I can give you one piece of advice, it would be to take this potential injury VERY seriously, and stay off the ice until you have had a CT scan confirm that there is no ligament damage.

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