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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
People are doubting our scouts after we picked Rielly in that draft? Rielly could easily end up being the steal of the draft.. Not only that, but Finn could also be as well. Having two potential steals in a draft is a pretty good draft, IMO. You people are never satisfied.
Rielly was a top five pick, you're not doing your job if you didn't walk away with someone who could be the top player in his draft, and it was only one damn pick.

Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
Simple solution, an one that is well within the bounds of reality:

Demote Morrisson. He's a decent scout, but he's not earning his pay like some of the others in his trade. Look at scouts who have done well on staffs like the Bruins, Panthers, Red Wings, Habs, etc., and pay them. This is where a huge money franchise like Toronto pays dividends.

We're not getting our money's worth out of many guys, other than Bergmann, so fix it...
I'd have to agree with a demotion. I can't see the Leafs scouting staff walking away from a draft with the kind of haul and imagination even a team like Buffalo did with Grigensons and Grigorenko without the benefit of a top ten pick. I can't imagine a GM in their right mind who'd listen to Morrison go to bat for a prospect or two and engineer a couple of trades to satisfy his scout the way Regier did in 2012. The guy simply doesn't have the credibility or track record. I mean, Tyler Biggs, are you kidding me?

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