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Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
Picking goalies in the top 10 is even huge risk. If we look at all the goalies that have been picked in the top 10 since 2000, how many are impact players?

2000- Rick DiPietro (1st overall)
2000- Brett Krahn (9th overall)

2001- Pascal Leclaire (8th overall)
2001- Dan Blackburn (10th overall)

2002- Kari Lehtonen (2nd overall)

2003- Marc Andre Fleury (1st overall)

2004- Al Montoya (6th overall)

2005- Carey Price (5th overall)

2006- None

2007- None

2008- None

2009- None

2010- None

2011- None

2012- None

A goalie hasn't been picked in the top 10 since Carey Price. Teams don't seem to like risking their top picks on goalies anymore because it's a crap shoot for the most part. You can pick a very good goalie in any round of the draft.
While I agree; I don't think a goalie will be picked in the top 10 for a very long time let alone a first overall pick, most of those goalies were extremely talented. However they all have something in common, at least the ones who failed.

DiPietro had his development railroaded, so he's very much a raw goalie to this day. Brent Krahn was the same way, injuries destroyed his development. Leclaire had injuries, though they weren't that severe and he finally broke through in 07-08 before he fell apart again. Blackburn was ruined by injuries long before he had a chance to make an impact. Kari Lehtonen had conditioning issues which led to his struggles but he's rebounded now and is probably a top 10 goalie in the league. Fleury has never had injury problems, but he was never exactly developed properly, which I think may be a reason with his consistency issues. Montoya was destroyed by injuries as well, has sort of rebounded but is only a backup.

Only Carey Price has avoided both injuries and developmental issues, the one thing that all the other goalies have in common. Out of those 10 goalies, we have 5 NHL goalies, DiPietro, Lehtonen, Fleury, Montoya, Price. Out of those 5, two are top 10 goalies, one is a middle of the pack. Overall, there's 3 starters. Pretty bad ratio for top 10 selections but it seems if you can avoid poor development and injuries you can have a solid goalie.

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