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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
By trading Halak, Price was then the number1 goalie. PK's just off playing 23-24mins game average in a team that finished 15th. I would give PK 3M$ a year for 2 years. Taking that the league's cap will be lowered and that he will be getting 3M$ next year with no contract adjustments I think it's a fair deal.

Price showed that he had great potential although the playoffs were harsher on him, but the fact of the matter is that PK shows just about the same amount of potential. Yes he had a good ( not incredible ) season last year, I just don't see where him being much better off than Price and him getting a 4M$ plus contract.
Yes. BUT, Halak was the number one for the entire season and playoffs. If anything, after all that, Halak could have easily been re-signed and Price traded. Instead, we put a huge level of trust in Price. That does make Price the #1 goalie. But we gave it to him, he didn't exactly earn it when you take the results of that season.

So, Price owed us big time. If Price had started being difficult, the city would have chased him out of town faster than any player, ever. And he give himself a very bad name for his acting this way after the organization gave him such a huge vote of confidence. Price simply could not have asked for more on his contract.

Meanwhile, PK was being used on the top pairing, on the PK, the PP, playing top minutes against opposing teams' best players. Has amongst the most TOI in the league. Is physical. Scores points to place him 30th fro defensemen his first season and 28th last year. Yes, Pk has still much to learn, such as taking less dumb penalties and avoiding turnovers. But for a young man who only played 2 seasons and 2 playoffs. A lot was asked of him, more than was is required from most rookies and he delivered, considering how bad the team has been.

So, yes, Price's situation is very different from PK's.

Now if you suggest that PK should accept a bridge contract, and be promised a big extension during the season. That's something very different. But PK has proven himself and has much more to offer. He is definitely in a much better position to negotiate than Price and Patches.

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