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01-28-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
well that would be interesting indeed. Nelson's nowhere close to the level of Bobby Smith. Nowhere close. But I can see similarities in size, passing/offensive ability. Smith's offense was far above Nelson's highest projected upside, without a doubt. But Nelson seems to bring a drive-the-net ability and working the boards, cycling that Smith would never do.

I would take a Van Riemsdyk, C. Stewart, B. Ryan type player - if we get really lucky. Nelson's got very underrated passing ability and puck skills. His shot has improved greatly, as has his work ethic, as he's filled out physically. He was a really good late 1st round pick!
I watched Bobby Smith during his prime and he was an earler version of Joe Thornton. Not that great a skater he could still get where he needed to go and had very good hands, vision, and control of the puck by using his reach. Nelson is similar only in size and reach.
I have watched many of Nelson's games as I could on TV when he was at ND. TV is not a great way to appreciate what a player can do but it was the best I had. What I think is that Brock is far from completely what he will be. Calling it development would be inaccurate. I would call it evolving because Brock came from a very small high school and really did not have the early coaching that kids from better progams had, so he lagged until he got to ND. He has also grown physically and is closer to 6'5 than 6'2 when drafted. His development is now just beginning (as he still evolves physically). Brock has wonderful bloodlines, and idf there something like this, he is a "natural".
It is hard to tell how good he can be, but he will be good, very, very good, The package of speed, hands, instinct, vision, smarts are just starting to fit together with his physical maturing body. This could be a very special player at either wing or center.

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