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Originally Posted by Cant Fix Stupid View Post
Assertions like this will get you in trouble
Yet in a recent article in the local paper there was a section in the article entitled "secret deal"?

Seems like thats not really an assumption I created for fun, but I had that assumption WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before that article came out last week.


Secret deal?
In a Jan. 11 filing, EDA accused Elm Arena and Southern Tier Economic Development of trying to sabotage the arena management company.

“One thing has been made clear in this case — Elm Arena LLC wants to own and operate First Arena and the Elmira Jackals,” wrote Joseph Grekin, an attorney for EDA. The Jackals are owned by Afr as a separate entity.

The management company is seeking permission from the court to interview officers of Elm Arena and Southern Tier Economic Development.

Grekin repeated allegations of a secret deal between Freeman, Chemung County and STED to give Freeman control of the arena.

He also accused Elm Arena attorneys of making unauthorized filings with the court, in an attempt to embarrass EDA through bad press generated by the filings.

“Elm (Arena) knew when it filed the unauthorized filings that the local media outlets would review them and that it would create negative publicity with regard to the debtor and its ability to operate the arena, thereby damaging the debtor’s chances of a successful reorganization,” Grekin wrote.

Grekin also said that after Elm Arena’s inspector said the compressors in the arena were leaking ammonia, Elm Arena didn’t immediately contact EDA to let it know about alleged public health risks due to the leak.

“Instead, Elm spent the next six days [during which Elm knew two hockey games took place at the arena] drafting a pretty PowerPoint presentation to show to the court, and ideally to the media, explaining why the debtor’s equipment was damaged and dangerous.”

Elm Arena notified STED, the building’s owner, which told the Elmira Fire Department and the county Health Department, but not EDA, Grekin wrote. Those notifications would appear to violate the portion of bankruptcy law that protects debtors as they reorganize, he wrote.

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