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01-28-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Datsyuk Dangles View Post
The Wings D has been bad but you're blowing it way out of proportions, which is saying A LOT.
Anyone who watched a game or two without rosy red glasses on know I'm not. Not sure how you can even try to debate it...

Smith was unspectacular in the AHL this year, and now he is very underwhelming in the NHL.

Kindl gives the puck away.

Kronwall was a -2 in the 5-3 win against Wild, was a -1 yesterday.

Lashoff looked good then he makes a bonehead play or giveaway. But give the kid credit, he's younger and is playing better than Smith who is 24.

White... injured yet again.

CC... injured. He's always injured!

Ericsson how many games has he played? The guy is a 6'6" powder puff that is lucky to play 70 games any given season. How can someone so soft be injured?

Quincey was crap in game #1, not much better in game #2 (thanks to Smith who can't play defense). Game #3 and #4 was better. But hey, atleast the guy plays some games... and is probably the best PMD on the team behind Kronwall.

I can't decide if Jimmy Howard really sucks and is overrated or if it is the D in front of him... I'm leaning towards a little of both.

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