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Just re-read this. Holy **** time flies. I feel old.

Great win last night. #longlivethenote

Originally Posted by HockeyHippie View Post
Howdy kids,

Long time no chat. I've been lurking here for years, used different names on various Blues forums (MileHiBluesFan was one). Time to touch base with all the peeps. Brian and I met years ago in a Blues email group. I too am a big believer at building through draft, so always enjoyed his thoughts on prospects. OK, here we go....

Name: Paul

Age: 41 (holy crap, I still feel 21....err, 29....OK 30 tops.)

Sex: as much as possible

Birthplace: Pierre, SD

Hometown: Belleville, Ill.

Mode of Transportation: 2006 Ford Escape, 1997 Volks Jetta (currently looking to trade the VW in. Want a VW Westfalia Bus )

Job: Locomotive Engineer. Yes, like Casey Jones. Hence the Screen Name.....

How and when you became a Blues fan: See dude above. Same thing pretty much. A SIUE fraternity brother was a big fan and took me to my first game in 1985. My dad was in the Air Force and had been stationed all over the south--so the only ice I had ever seen was in my tea! The Monday Night Miracle sealed the deal in a big way in 86.. Been addicted/cursed ever since.

Favorite current Blues player: Hmmm... I've always liked the 4th line "character guys." Loved the Meagher/Lowry checking line a few years back. Would have to say Kariya or Erik Johnson now that Al has moved on. I was a Pronger guy, even though he's a jerk. Not a big Tkachuk fan, especially since we lost Handzus and Nagy in the deal.

Favorite all-time Blues player: Brian Sutter, Joe Mullen, Doug Gilmour, Shanny. Sorry, tough to choose. I think I cried the day Lame-orello stole Scott Stevens. Always liked Geoff Courtnall's game. My lovely wife, bless her soul, was a huge Gary Unger fan. Some dude mentioned Jeff Brown earlier. He was nice enough to get me a autographed hat from the entire team in the late 80's for my birthday (his girlfriend worked for my girlfriend). He played like my girlfriend though--and was terrified to get hit in the face. Oh and I will forever hate Keenan for what he did to my beloved organ-I-zation.

Favorite active non-Blues player: Joe Sakic. Period. Living here in Denver I've been lucky enough to get to know him (his son played on my son's baseball team.) and my wife has dealt with Joe and his wife through various charities she has helped with. They are both pure class. He and I were talking about the Conference Finals a few years back with Turek in net. He said the Avs were watching the Blues series with Dallas and were shocked at how well Turek played. But then he said "But with Turek he was either really good or r-e-a-l-l-y bad." I said, "if I remember correctly Joe, you had a little something to do with Turek looking so incredibly pathetic that series." He just smiled.

Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Joe Sakic and Cam Neely. I had my wife talked into naming our first born Cameron, but we changed to Ian (hello Ian Cole ) at last minute. Named after Laperriere. Seriously. #2 son named Jack after Buck and Clark. Go Cards.

Definitive Blues Moment: Yzerman goal in '96 (I was sitting on a train listening via radio) and the Monday Night Miracle. I was actually on a date and had gone to pick the girl up. Sat down with her dad and started watching during 2nd period. Didn't leave until game was over. Dad and I became decent friends, girl and I never went out again.

First Blues Game Attended: 1985. Can't remember opponent. I too remember the old Checkerdome, driving over last minute in a blizzard and sitting anywhere we wanted for pennies.

Music You Listen To: Americana (whatever the hell that is--alternative country, etc.), Adult Alternative, Bluegrass, Jam Bands. Hell I'll try anything.

Favorite Band(s): Wilco (Jeff Tweedy a Belleville boy too.) Noticed we have another Wilco fan here in the group. I went to see them last night here in Denver and my wife is there tonight. Also Uncle Tupelo (precursor to Wilco), Grateful Dead, Numerous Jam Bands, REM, The Killers, Shins, Modest Mouse, Springsteen, Dylan, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Son Volt, and of course FLOYD.

Favorite Movie(s): Slapshot, 40 Year Old Virgin, Mystery Alaska. Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, probably more I can't think of now due to cans of Guinness next to laptop. I admit I really like "A League of Their Own". Hanks was fantastic and Gina Davis could ball a little....

Favorite Food: see above. Guinness is food, right??

Favorite TV Show: Really don't watch a lot of TV anymore. Baseball, hockey and Sportscenter. I try to watch every University of Denver (Mark Rycroft ) hockey game either live or on TV. I really like the Nightly Business Report on PBS. Simpsons (still), South Park of course. Was into 24 but that series has jumped the shark.

Favorite Teams: Blues, Cards, Broncos, Nuggets, Univ of Denver hockey. Best value out there.

Hobbies: Mtn biking, reading, hockey, hiking, camping, helping with my son's baseball team, music, video games, specifically sports sims. I have played or owned every single EA Sports hockey game franchise since it's inception in early 90's. Really looking forward to NHL 08 on Sept 12.

*whew* guess that's it! You know, from reading many of the other "bios" here, I would really get along with a bunch of you all.

Also, might have room in a Yahoo fantasy non-keeper league if anyone needs yet another distraction.

Take care all......

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