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01-28-2013, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post

I've tried many a poutine and no poutine with what you consider "real cheese" comes even close to curds for me. I'm way OK with adding any other ingredient, but changing the cheese is just wrong.

Also, you've served crap cheese curds if you feel they taste like salty wax, to me it feels like rubbery heaven.

My personal favorite is a Frank (merguez) poutine from La Banquise with extra meat sauce... mmmm mmmmm mmmm !
Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Poutine = curd cheese. No way around that.

And if your curds are melting, it's because they're not fresh. No wonder you don't know the glory of real poutine.
1. I said Curds melt nicely, ie: it doesn't dissolve but it does soften to a nice point.

2. Classic poutine is Cheese curd, not disagreeing. But what you guys are saying is like saying you can't have a good pizza unless it's mozzarella or whatever. I love love love stinky smelly old sharp cheddar cheese on my poutine.... cheese curds are more than anything used because it is practical for poutine.

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