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Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
It's not a straw man if the title of the thread is "The Misguided Myth of the Modern Big Bad Bruins"... If Colt didn't want to be challenged, he could have changed his wording to "The Bruins Could Use More Size on the Wing".

As it stands, I'm not too worried about our forechecking prowess. This team isn't too-too different from the team that won the Cup with the most effective physical play in the league. We're down a Recchi and a Ryder and COULD definitely use something to replace their strength... But it's hardly something I would consider a large concern. Not yet, anyway.
I never worry a/b their willingness to work hard and forecheck. However there are guys who worry me at times in terms of effective board play. Especially the way teams lock it down in the playoffs, like the Caps did. Maybe a better way to say it is; I never worry a/b Bergeron or Lucic in terms of effective board play. We could use another man that's better than 50/50 when it comes to board battles.

Edit: Just a point of interest...Claude Julien on Tyler Seguin's empty net goal: "That's why he was out there [to score an ENG]. It certainly wasn't for his board work."

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