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Originally Posted by Ogelthorpe View Post
Bold 1 -Once again, Geno doesn't have a different defensive responsibility than any of our other centers. Is that responsibility a little different than under Therrien? the answer is not that much.

Bold 2 -As for Scotty Bowman, there is a reason that he didn't last that long here (Mario). Also why Therrien was let go after going to a cup final (Sid and Geno)

Bold 3 - So if a coach doesn't win a cup basically every so many years, that means he is the wrong coach for that team. Well I guess every year 29 teams managed to keep the wrong coach on their bench. I think you have very little knowledge of just how difficult winning the cup can be. We are very spoiled here due to past success. Hitchcock may never win in St Louis, but it doesn't mean that he was the wrong coach. Way too many other variables like PLAYERS, and injuries to players, and running into a hot goalie in the playoffs, etc, etc. If you have a coach that knows the game, can teach the game/system to his team, and the team plays hard for that coach, that coach is the right coach regardless if you win the cup or not.
Hence my Babcock argument earlier. I was being sarcastic, but looking back on it, it's very relevant.

He has 1 Stanley Cup since the lockout. With a much more well rounded roster than the Penguins have had, you could argue that the Wings have been underachievers in the playoffs.

Two exits to Perennial chokers the Sharks, and losing last year to a Nashville team that always struggles to score goals.

So much of what goes on in the playoffs teeters on the edge of a knife. A bounce here, a save there, can change your fortunes from an early first round exit to a Stanley Cup win.

Boston winning a couple of years ago is a prime example of this. Julien looked like he was going to be fired about 5 different times that spring.

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