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Originally Posted by Tarzan View Post
Ill give you love for CP. I love the way they play, their compete, their enthusiasm ect. Great group of athletic hockey players. In my opinion, very well coached. I believe more people would actually praise CP more if...Clarke didnt strut around like such an a--hole. That and his total dominance over the weak minded and weak kneed referees he intimidates. It is hard to appreciate a team when the coache's head is bigger than his ass and belly combined. Before anyone complains...please note that I think that he is a very good coac...personality aside.

Boo hoo hoo...can't handle a little yelling??? McInnis, Keefe, Gill (when he was in Brockville), Grady or fat little Jennings (which is pure comedy when he loses it, as an a/c no less) any better??? You get this week's vote for 'c'mon man'. The refs could care less about getting yelled at - it's in their DNA. I'm sure they're all afraid of Clarke waiting for them in the parking lot after the games - give your head a shake buddy. I guess that's how teams win games - the head coaches yell/intimidate the refs so much that they play the game with a man advantage the whole time. Guess that's why Pembroke won 5 in a row. I'm surprised Keefe has any vocal chords left. Rock on Tarzan...try not to swing into any more trees.
Originally Posted by Ottawa Guy View Post
I think the difference between JC and the coaches you mention is the amount of profanity that can be heard from one end of the rink to the other. I am not saying that some of the other coaches you mentioned do not yell also, but you do not hear the continual swearing. There are many rinks where you can hear one fbomb after another when he explodes. For a league that is trying to attract fans, including kids, it is not helping.
Ouch!!! Did I hit a nerve! You would almost think CanadiansCanadians was Clarke himself. Sorry coach, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Thank you Ottawa Guy. You articulated my thoughts in a more respectful way as to not offend CanadiansCanadians. I would add though that if Clarke...oops I mean CanadiansCanadians doesn't think that you can influence calls on the ice than he needs to take off the rose colored glasses. Hope that wasn't to harsh for ya!!!

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