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01-28-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by cutchemist42 View Post
For everyone complaining, please never attend a college football game, European hockey game, or European football game.

Sometimes the Jets crowd is just too corporate....
Yeah I'm totally fricken' blown away by this. Do people honestly expect those in front of them to sit with perfect posture/slouch just so they can see the game better?

On leaning: no one is purposely doing it to try and ruin others viewing experience, they're doing it because: a) they can't see certain areas of the ice if they sit back or b) the person in front of them is leaning/blocking their view or c) they're excited. When the person in front of me does it, I just adjust myself so I can look around them... in fact, I do it without noticing or thinking... I don't sit there brooding about how the people in front are ruining my experience/my night/my life or whatever other hyperbole you prefer. In fact, the people in front of me leaned forward all season long... and I wouldn't have thought twice about it till i saw this 1290 caller thread. The people in front of you have as much right to enjoy the game as you do, they paid their hard earned dollars also, and if that means they lean forward a bit... who cares. Funny how no one complained about this when we had the Moose, and I went to a ton of games.

Standing the entire time is an entirely different issue. That would **** me off, no doubt. But the leaning thing... c'mon guys... it's a hockey game. Getting into it and sitting on the edge of your seat/trying to see the play is pretty reasonable and natural reaction. Do we really have to have decorum here too?

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