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01-28-2013, 03:43 PM
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And how successful have the wings been with their picks over the years, picking later, and getting more out of less.

This whole thread, you preach about how the results aren't there, the current group isn't getting us anywhere, so on and so forth....

With results as a measure, look at all these years of drafting, whether it was your buddy, Barry Trapp, or you're new infatuation Dave "safe pick" Morrisson. The RESULTS show a trend: That a good, well-paid scouting staff in Detroit has gotten the job done over the years, and drafted key players, that played key roles in winning championships, at less than preferable positions in the draft.

Skew it any way you'd like. And no, you CANNOT discount Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Lidstrom. We have been behind the class in scouting and development FOR YEARS. It doesn't matter who has been at the top of the staff, we've been absolutely losing, and It's embarassing.

I was iffy on the firing of Burke, because of the timing, but as we've progressed, I'm far more optomistic about the future of this club, knowing that management is going to probably clean house quite a bit of the scouting and development crew, and the front office, and bring in guys that will do this thing right.

Who says we can't go ahead and sign Dale Tallon to a sweet contract if they don't keep Nonis around long? Clearly they weren't happy with the results of the Burke era, and Morrisson is right in there with him. Morrisson was Burke's guy, so no, he doesn't get a free pass, nor does his track record really afford him one.

Thommie Bergmann, I imagine, will continue to be here, as he's been under-utilized, but effective when he has been utilized.

Also, there are two different draft strategies at play, when looking at Toronto and Detroit, and two extremely different styles of development. It would appear to me, based on results over the past 20 years, regardless of who leads the scouting team, that there is a clear winner in there... Says 4 cups, Hart Trophies, Conn Smythe winners...

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