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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
I'm fully aware of the merging leagues, but was referring to when those "Leagues" increased their number of Divisions to the current 8 and 6 respectively. That increase in the number of Divisions certainly had to have split up certain teams that had for at least a period of time been together. I can't imagine that all NFL and MLB teams were happy with the 8 and 6 Division alignment format; though apparently they're living with it.
I can only speak to the NFL:

By the time the four-division, two conference setup was approved, the creation of the fourth division in each conference had some roots:

The NFC East removed Arizona
The NFC Central removed Tampa Bay and renamed themselves the NFC North
The NFC West only kept San Francisco and the Rams, and added Arizona and Seattle from the AFC
Atlanta, Carolina and New Orleans moved from the NFC West to the new NFC South, while picking up Tampa Bay

The AFC East dispatched Indianapolis
The AFC Central removed Tennessee and Jacksonville
The AFC West lost Seattle to the NFC
The AFC South was created out of Indianapolis, Tennessee, Jacksonville and the expansion Houston franchise.

I think everyone involved was relatively happy.

Arizona, long considered the fifth-wheel in the NFC East, was able to be in a division with two other western teams.

Tampa Bay, an expansion addition to the "NFC Norris" was able to join three other nearby teams.

San Francsico and the Rams were able to play teams that didn't have borders with the Atlantic Ocean.

The list goes on and on. And I think that the NFL is slightly different in the fact that within four years (64 games) you've played every team in the opposite conference once, one division within your conference twice and the other two divisions once, and your own division eight times.

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