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01-28-2013, 04:03 PM
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I see a couple of things here.

1. First this is a small sample size for this year. We almost gave up the lead in one game and gave up the lead in another. It led to a total of 3 out of 4 points. Certainly improvement from the year when it seemed like we were losing 3 goal leads every night. Also worth noting that we came back from a 2 goal lead this year. And we stayed in and tied the game after trailing in both the NJ and BOS games. Based on that, I'd say there is improvement.

2. Lack of good coaching. Frankly, Cap isn't an NHL coach. He doesn't know how to switch up styles at different parts of the game. He consistently has the wrong personnel on the ice and he is too slow (or non-existent) at in game line changes and in game strategy changes. Hickey playing majorly important minutes in his first NHL game. Moulson with a horrible game against Boston but still sees a regular shift all game. Etc.

3. We don't know how to win yet. Period. This is one of those reasons why 'tanking' doesn't work, but is too subtle for the load of idiots who think professionals losing on purpose is a good idea. One 18-year-old kid is not going to turn a team around and suddenly produce a winning atmosphere. This is the same reason that Toronto gave up a two goal lead in back to back games and didn't get a point in either game (to us and then to the Rangers). Same thing going on over there. Adding a player like Kessel (which was Toronto's version of drafting high) helps, but doesn't fix everything in a TEAM game. It's also why they collapsed last year. The key is to look for progress in all departments, which I think we are seeing based on my first point (or it is too early to tell).

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